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The Analysis, Research, Data, Commentary and News Critical for Managing Water Resources…

The Journal of Water is an online, subscription-based journal reporting on the important, path-breaking and innovative developments in water resources in the Colorado River Basin, Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest.

Exclusive content accompanies reporting on all major developments, including commentaries and editorials on water issues collected from other venues.  We also provide information on water pricing in key areas of the western states, hydrologic conditions, and the fate of the water industry in capital markets.

We track developments in Congress, state legislatures, courts and regulatory agencies.  We collect major studies, follow planning processes and assemble noteworthy news so that JOW subscribers only focus on the important.

The management of water resources is multi-faceted. Politics, law, policy, economics, hydrology and science shape decision-making.  Given the interconnectiveness of basins and states, one needs to keep track of a numerous and diverse developments, proposed or implemented, near or far.

Keeping informed is a daunting task.  One needs time and expertise to acquire, sort and organize information, separating the important form the unimportant. The Journal of Water uses 21st century technology to provide the latest information on western water resources.

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Stratecon Comments on Bureau of Reclamation’s Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Colorado River

Stratecon responded to a call for comments on the Bureau of Reclamation’s Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to December 2007 Record of Decision on Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead (“2007 Interim Guidelines”). In its comments, Stratecon outlines the causes of the […]