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The Hydrowonk Blog is a forum to exchange information and perspectives on water markets, resource management and policy, including best management practices and analytic methods.  All dimensions (economic, finance, scientific, engineering, political, legal, and media) and from all perspectives (water user, water right owner, environmental, non-governmental, governmental, tribal, private sector, capital markets and media) of any issue are on the table.  With the growing interaction between the United States and Mexico, look for attention to bi-national matters.

The Hydrowonk Blog aspires to become an open intellectual marketplace for the water industry where individuals share and build their intellectual capital.   Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D. founding co-editor of Water Strategist is the executive blogger.  The Hydrowonk Blog is larger than an individual—a virtual community of those interested in exchanging and building intellectual capital.  Featured and guest bloggers also share their perspectives.

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Stratecon News

Stratecon Partners with WWI to Support Academic Research on Pressing Water Challenges

Stratecon Inc. has partnered with World Water Institute (“WWI”) to provide support for curriculum development and student and faculty research that seeks to find solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges. Stratecon President and WWI Board Member Rodney T. Smith said, “With WWI’s focus on using market mechanisms to solve water resource management problems, […]

Recent Studies

Looking Forward: Importing Institutional Concepts from the Water World

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin launched the inaugural Permian Basin Water in Energy Conference in Midland February 20-23, 2018.  The conference emphasized innovation and facilitating commercial-free discussions about facing the water resource challenges confronting the energy industry in the Permian Basin. The two and a half days of presentations connected professionals, policy-makers […]