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Stratecon Inc. is a strategic planning and economics consulting firm specializing in water. We provide advisory services in the acquisition of water rights throughout the western United States and in the sale and leasing of water rights and water supplies to public and private sector water users, as well as provide proprietary research services, and expert testimony. Stratecon brings together the disciplines of economics, finance, natural resource management and policy to develop innovative solutions to commercial and public water policy issues.

Stratecon also produces Journal of Water and the Hydrowonk Blog:

Journal of Water is a paid subscription journal reporting on the important, path-breaking and innovative developments in water resources in the Colorado River Basin, Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest.

Hydrowonk Blog is an open intellectual marketplace for the water industry… a forum to exchange information and perspectives. Stratecon invites you to join in the conversation at Hydrowonk.com


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Efforts Underway to Replenish Dying Salton Sea in Imperial Valley

On July 14, 2022, Rodney T. Smith, President of Stratecon Inc. and Managing Partner of Sea-to-Sea Bi-National Canal Company, was interviewed by KUSI News Anchor Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego about current efforts to restore the Salton Sea. The interview included why it’s important to restore the Salton Sea, an overview of Sea-to-Sea […]

Recent Studies

Lessons from California’s Journey in Water Markets

The Texas House Committee on Natural Resources held a public hearing on October 16, 2018, to hear invited and public testimony on some its interim charges … Read Stratecon President Rodney T. Smith’s testimony, Lessons from California’s Journey in Water Markets, where he discusses how California’s experience can be used to inform water management in Texas.