What Happened to Water Strategist?

What is Water Strategsist? 

Water Strategist (WS) was the premier publication on water marketing and water policy issues in the 17 western states, covering federal agencies, corporate activity, Indian water resources, and environmental and water quality concerns.  Stratecon created WS with its team of natural resource economists, policy experts, and researchers to analyze water markets and policy issues affecting the allocation of water resources and the market value of water rights.  WS readership represented the broad range of interests: federal and state agencies, landowners, private investors, investment banks, law firms, engineering firms, environmental groups and private individuals.

WS began in 1987 as a quarterly print publication, and Water Intelligence Monthly (WIM) was added in 1990 as a monthly companion to WS.  In 1999, Stratecon took advantage of more widespread use of the internet and merged the two publications into a single monthly web-based publication—which allowed for more timely reporting of water transactions and offered the ability to provide a greater variety of information and analysis.


Why did Stratecon stop publishing Water Strategist?

As technology advanced, it became increasingly difficult to protect our intellectual property online—so in 2010, after 23 years of providing the premiere analysis of water marketing, finance, legislation and litigation through a subscription-based service, Stratecon made the strategic decision to stop publishing WS and offer its expertise solely through its advisory and proprietary research services.


What is Stratecon doing now?

While technological advances presented Stratecon with a challenge, they also presented new opportunities:

Stratecon has launched the Journal of Water, an online subscription-based journal covering water marketing, finance, legislation, litigation and the water-energy nexus affecting the Colorado River Basin states and Texas.  With a change to the nature of the data presented and a modern content management system, Stratecon is better able to protect its intellectual property—making the Journal of Water the transformation of Water Strategist.

Stratecon President Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D. was able to parlay a long-standing interest in prediction markets, which have been used throughout the public and private sectors to forecast the outcome of future events, into a tool that offers information to improve planning and decision-making within the water industry.  Prediction markets can be found on the Stratecon Water Policy Marketplace and the Journal of Water.

On December 31, 2012, Stratecon launched the Hydrowonk Blog as a forum to exchange information and perspectives on water markets, resource management and policy, including best management practices and analytic methods.  Stratecon President Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D., serves as the Executive Blogger; Stratecon staff and individuals who desire to make periodic posts or contribute a series are encouraged to join as Featured Bloggers; and individuals who wish to contribute a single post to our community are invited to join as Guest Bloggers.

Stratecon also continues to offer its expertise through its advisory services, asset management and proprietary research services.

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