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In its advisory services, Stratecon brings together the disciplines of economics, finance, natural resource management, and law to develop innovative solutions to commercial and public policy problems. Stratecon is unique in its ability to obtain timely information and data, conduct in-depth analysis that combines many disciplines, and present findings to clients in concise, effective presentations.

Stratecon’s clients include irrigation and water districts, cities, public authorities, state agencies, and the private sector. It has worked extensively on the structuring of water transfer agreements, financial, and legal arrangements, and provides economic analysis of public policy decisions concerning water resources. Stratecon also conducts customized briefings for firms and groups who have new involvement in water issues or are planning to enter into potential water investments and water marketing activities. These small briefings are a valued service for boards of directors, developers, water investors, and those providing capital to water projects.

Stratecon also provides expert testimony in legal proceedings involving water issues, including economic valuation of water and water rights, contractual disputes, administrative proceedings involving water transfers, and economic impacts of water resource management issues.

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Stratecon Comments on Bureau of Reclamation’s Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Colorado River

Stratecon responded to a call for comments on the Bureau of Reclamation’s Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to December 2007 Record of Decision on Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead (“2007 Interim Guidelines”). In its comments, Stratecon outlines the causes of the […]