The Availability of Wheeling Capacity on the Colorado River Aqueduct

This report is prepared in response to a request by Cadiz Inc (Cadiz) to evaluate the
probability that the Colorado River Aqueduct (CRA) will have space available to convey water
for beneficial use by the Santa Margarita Water District and others within the Metropolitan
Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) over the 50 year term of the Cadiz Project.
The CRA is owned and controlled by Metropolitan, which it is expected to establish terms and
conditions for the conveyance of Cadiz Project water on the CRA.

If the terms include a requirement that the conveyance of water from Cadiz for the
benefit of beneficial uses within Metropolitan be made on a condition that “space available”
capacity exists, this report concludes that there is a nominal risk (1 or 2 years in 50) that capacity
will not be available. Those years will always be in extremely wet years when Cadiz Project
water can be safely stored at Cadiz and delivered in subsequent years in which capacity is
available or by extending the term of deliveries as required. Given the Cadiz Project’s
operational flexibility, the ability to conduct make-up deliveries when wheeling capacity is
available enables the project to deliver a cumulative total of 2.5 million acre feet (“AF”) over the
initial 50-year term of the project’s agreement.

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