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Stratecon Inc. is a strategic planning and economics consulting firm specializing in water. We provide advisory services in the acquisition of water rights throughout the western United States and in the sale and leasing of water rights and water supplies to public and private sector water users, as well as provide proprietary research services, and expert testimony. Stratecon brings together the disciplines of economics, finance, natural resource management and law to develop innovative solutions to commercial and public water policy issues.

Stratecon also produces Journal of Water, Hydrowonk Blog and Stratecon Water Policy Marketplace:

Journal of Water is a paid subscription journal reporting on the important, path-breaking and innovative developments in water resources in the Colorado River Basin, Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest.

Hydrowonk Blog is an open intellectual marketplace for the water industry… a forum to exchange information and perspectives. Stratecon invites you to join in the conversation at Hydrowonk.com and click on Hydrowonk Blog.

Stratecon Water Policy Markets was developed as the platform for our prediction markets. Thousands of prediction markets have been used by the public and private sector to improve planning and decision-making. We believe it’s time for the water industry to embrace the potential power in the collective wisdom of prediction markets. We invite you to join the crowd in our new venture and make your predictions, as we address pressing future events confronting the water industry.  Your participation is free. Visit Hydrowonk.com and click Stratecon Water Policy Marketplace.

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Stratecon Partners with WWI to Support Academic Research on Pressing Water Challenges

Stratecon Inc. has partnered with World Water Institute (“WWI”) to provide support for curriculum development and student and faculty research that seeks to find solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges. Stratecon President and WWI Board Member Rodney T. Smith said, “With WWI’s focus on using market mechanisms to solve water resource management problems, […]

Recent Studies

Stratecon CRA Study

Examines the availability of wheeling capacity on the Colorado River Aqueduct (“CRA”)