Stratecon Inc. Sponsors Water Strategist Community Blog

An Open Intellectual Marketplace for the Water Industry

Claremont, CA – Stratecon Inc. announced today its sponsorship of the Water Strategist Community Blog (“WSC Blog”)( to provide an open intellectual forum for the water industry on water marketing, water resource management and water policy. As with the firm’s prior publication, Water Strategist, all aspects of water issues (economic, financial, science, engineering, legal, political and media) will be covered from all perspectives found in the water industry (water right owner, water user, environmental, non-governmental, governmental, Tribal, private sector, capital markets and media).

“The ‘WSC Blog’ represents a natural evolution of the Water Strategist Community (, our firm’s free news and information service compiling press releases from governmental agencies, bond rating agencies and private water companies as well as occasional invited commentary,” said Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D., Stratecon’s President. Smith will serve as Executive Blogger.

“Our industry is known for its diverse set of (often conflicting) interests where people have different perspectives, knowledge and information”, said Smith. “While varied interests are sometimes viewed as an impediment to progress, the WSC Blog is founded on the belief that this diversity can be harnessed through open and respectful dialogue that improves the solutions developed and informs the political choices confronting our industry.” Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and TixRoblox Hack Free Robux

The WSC Blog is larger than one person or organization. While Smith will regularly post on a single topic or a series of posts on subject matter related to the events of the day and longer-term issues, the WSC Blog is also open to anyone interested in becoming a Featured Blogger or Guest Blogger. All interested parties are encouraged to visit the WSC Blog website for more information.

“Building the WSC Blogging team is a key priority,” Smith said. “We are initiating an extensive outreach campaign to build the Water Strategist Community of bloggers to harness the wisdom of the water industry. I am pleased to announce the first two bloggers to join our team:” Jason Bass, President of ARECon and Larry Fanning, President of Soilworks Earth Sciences Group.

About Stratecon Inc.
Stratecon Inc. is a strategic planning and economics consulting firm based in Claremont, CA specializing in water resources, providing advisory services, proprietary research and testimony in legal proceedings. For more information, please visit (

Update: On June 26, 2013, the WSC Blog was renamed the Hydrowonk Blog ( 

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